Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Bottles....................well I hate them! If you know me then you know that I really dislike bottles. "If I were rich I would never wash a bottle again" direct quote from me on to many occasions to count, but of course I am not rich and continued washing bottles because I love Foster more than anything. If I could count the hours I have stood in front of the sink washing bottles, well it would be alot. We went through probably 15 different types of bottles trying to find the right one for Foster. In the hospital alone we tried at least 8 or 9 (he wouldn't eat had to be on a feeding tube for 7 days). Then switched because we went to BPA free bottles then decided we didn't like those bottles and switched to another BPA free bottle it was a long process! Needless to say bottle are my nemesis! And today the day had come, the last time to wash bottles Foster is turning one tomorrow, and we had completely taken him off the bottle today. In my head I had imagined this day many times, and it included a little song that went a little something like......no more washing bottles, not more washing bottles(put your own tune to it), and of course a little dance, and maybe some fireworks. But for some reason, instead of singing one tear ran down my face and then another and another. I was crying, why was this happening I should be ecstatic. My little boy, my doodle was no longer a baby, there would be not more bottles, no more nasty formula mixing, no more crazy spitting up, not more burping him..............how did this happen, where had the year gone?

And now more than ever after all of my hating bottles and washing bottles, all I want is a few more bottles, I want to lay him on my chest and burp him, I wouldn't even mind the spitting up.................................more than anything all I want is a few more bottles!