Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Not So Scary Halloween!!

Wow where has the month of October gone?????  Halloween bows are my favorite bows to make, and I have not even had time to post one yet! This particular bow is for my BOO NIECE Shelbee who was born on Halloween! Although we will not be in Disney World on Halloween I just had to make her this bow because we love Disney that much! She of course has a set of pigtails but I just took the picture of the one!

Hope you enjoy!!

fosters baby dedication 042

fosters baby dedication 047

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Tatum Bow!

  This is the Tatum bow! A few months back I had major bow block, and asked Jessica (Tatum's mommy) to help me put some colors together, and these are the colors she came up with, I wasn’t sure at first, but now I think that it turned out amazing!!!

birthday and tatums party 202

birthday and tatums party 204

Friday, October 2, 2009

Love Bug

It begins with a grin
It turns to a giggle You start to laugh
Your legs start to wiggle
You look all around for someone to hug
You've caught the love bug!!!

fun times and pictures 069

fun times and pictures 071

fun times and pictures 072

Disney World Bows

blog mm annual frontice

We are going to Disney World!!! My Mom, my older sister Carmen, her daughter Shelbee, my other niece Chloe, me and Foster will be making the long DRIVE yes drive to Florida!!!! This will be Fosters very first trip!!!! We are not leaving until Nov. 17th but I have already started making bows for the girls!! We have the whole trip planned! This Bow will of course be for Animal Kingdom! Keep watching because there will be plenty more to come, including what I am sure will be my fav.    

Peace, Love Minnie!! 

*Safari Minnie Bottle Cap Hair Bow*

cf walk 125

cf walk 124

cf walk 131


WOW it has been a long time since I have blogged anything! I promise to be better about that!

So lets start things off with the CF walk with  TEAM SPARKLES! We had a great time, lots of people showed up! Jessica put two mix matched shoes on Tatum Jo, which started the morning off!Foster got to meet the chik-fil-a cow, he loved him which we are sooo happy about since we are taking Foster to Disney World in November and we don’t want him terrified of the characters!  Right at the beginning of the walk Shelbee fell and we ended up putting her in the stroller and having to carry Foster for about a mile and a half, but for a good cause so it was O.K.!

cf walk 105

Foster did not want to have his picture taken, but don’t all the girls look just too cute!!

cf walk 106

Two different flip flops!!


cf walk 108

Up close of the girls bows! Those are the new bottle caps I am making, they can be made in practically any color!

cf walk 111

Me and Foster, he still did not want to take pictures!

cf walk 117

Eat more Chicken!

cf walk 120

Shelbee’s fall!

cf walk 121