Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Everything Happens For A Reason

Have you noticed how everything happens for a reason? Well I have. When I had Foster I had been on bed rest for two months and really was not making hair bows anymore even though I absolutely loved to make them, I just wasn't working and couldn't display my bows any more so I just figured that the days of selling my bows were over and I would just make them for my nieces and if I ever have a little girl for her. I prayed about it and just put it in Gods hands if he wanted me to make them then he would find a way for me to make them. Well Chris and I went to ggallery to get Fosters newborn pictures taken and while we were there I saw a cute picture of a little girl in a hat with a pink flower on it and I remember saying "this is why I want to have a girl someday so I can dress her up", and we started talking about the fact that I make hair bows. They asked me to bring some up there and I did. Well a few weeks later I get a phone call from a girl named Jessica Johnston who is about to open a boutique in flint called Sparkles and she needed some bows and she had seen mine at ggallery and she loved them. We got to talking and we found out that she had been praying to be able to find some bows, and I have been praying to find a place to sell my bows and make some extra money for my family since I am now a stay at home mom. Every time Jessica and I talked it was never less than an hour. Chris jokes around saying there is no "just Running in to Sparkles". Well Jessica and I became good friends and while I was over at her house the other day I saw the picture that I had seen at Ggallery, I thought that it looked like Tatum(her daughter) but didn't want to say anything in case I was wrong, and I was like that is the picture that started us to talk about bows and it was your daughter. Everything happens for a reason. I saw that picture of Tatum because God new that I was supposed to meet Jessica to help me and her. I have found a great friend and a great job ( I work at Sparkles now part time) all because of one picture. I love you Jessica and Tatum!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Pretty Bows and Thumbprint Treasures Party!

Tiny Hands & Pretty Bows....
Time flies by Fast as our babies Grow!!

Come to SPARKLES for a chance to design fun and funky bows and one of a kind Thumbprint Treasures.
Feb. 7, 2009
10:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m.

Hosted By: Veronica Todd, Vanessa Martin & Jessica Johnston
~ Have your child's thumbprint imbedded forever in a .999 (99%) pure silver charm~
$39.99 for first two medium size charms or one large charm
(2 medium charms pictured above)
$20.00 for next two medium sized charms or 1 large charm (must purchace a $39.99 set before you can get this deal).
Various silver chains will be available for $12.00 each
~Bring your little princess' favoirite outfits and Veronica will create a Custom hairbow for each outfit~
order a pig-tail set and receive $1.00 off
Custom TuTus will also be available to order
::All orders will be ready in 1-2 weeks::