Tuesday, March 3, 2009

*And the Laziest Blogger Award Goes To........ME*

yup that's right. I swear I am The worst blogger, and I am really trying to work on that. It feels like every time I sit down to blog either the phone rings, or Foster starts crying, or I get distracted googling something, or....................well lets just say that I can come up with many more excuses( that is a talent of mine)! So much has been going on. It seems like I am always busy, between the hair bow party then Zack's birthday, working at sparkles, making hair bows, playing with Foster, trying to spend some alone time with my husband, and now planning Fosters first birthday party I am always busy. I wish time would just slow down!!! I can't believe Foster is almost one! I have so much left to do for his party but i know between me, Vanessa, Jessica, and Carmen maybe we can get it all done. His pictures turned out so amazing i can't wait to go get to view them. Well gotta go Foster is crying( really he is)!